What Is Quotationize

Quotationize is an authoritative site with verified authentic quotes.

There’s more…

The only quotation website where the quotes are fully cited and linked directly to the genuine sources.

By clicking on the link or links below each quotation, you can actually see or hear the quote straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Note: Extra sources of the quote are added, in case there is a broken link.

I painstakingly search them out from various reliable avenues, including Google Books search, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, e-books, and past newspapers from Google News Archive Search.

I DO NOT use quotes from quotation books, or even from Wikiquote and Reader’s Digest.

They are unreliable.

If there is any quotation which I find it to be insightful, but I could not locate its valid source, I may include it here, but it will be attributed it to: “Unknown” or “Unverified“.

The Only Quote Site That Linked To Authentic Sources


Quotation With A Message

Quotationize only publishes quotations with life-affirming messages. Be they humorous or profound.

I do not simply include any random utterance, remark or passing comment made by some currently popular personalities or celebrities.

Why Quotationize

No doubt there are already countless quotation websites, but I cannot count on them for reliability and authenticity.

They are full of wrongly-attributed quotes and even fake ones too.

Most of them do not cite the sources of the quotes.

Even if they mentioned the sources, they never bother to verify their authenticity; the countless errors speak for themselves.

They just want to boast of having the most number of quotations (or rather misquotations).

To the extent of even publishing the same quote twice on the same page!

The main purpose of Quotationize is to offer verified authentic quotations.

I find many quotes, sayings, quips, maxims, proverbs, precepts, aphorisms, epigrams, catch phrases are filled with nuggets of wisdom nestled within these strings of words.

I only feature selected quotations which can offer you consolation, encouragement or show you a clear-eyed perspective, so that you can change your life for the better.

Those selected quotations must satisfied these criteria:

* Profound

* Meaningful

* Eloquent

* Useful

* Easy to understand

Quotations Must Be User-Friendly

All quotations here are carefully and stringently picked, to ensure that they are user-friendly.

So that they can enlighten and empower you to improve your life; or you can use them to add pizzazz in their daily conversations or in their written work.

Misquoted, Unverified, Unsourced And Fake Quotes

It is sad to note that there are tons of mis-attributed, unsourced and unverified quotations, and even bogus or fake quotes published in books, magazines and the many established quotation websites.

Every attempt is make to ensure all quotations published here are verified authentic. 

Note: I’m still in the midst of correcting and cleaning up all those misquotes, fake quotations and contextomies (misquoting someone by shortening the quotation or by leaving out surrounding words or sentences that would place the quotation in context).

Originally-Coined Quotes By Quotationize

Feeling blasé or bored with the same thousands of familiar quotes which are available from both print and digital media?

Check out the ever-growing  collection of my own original quotations and quips.

You are encouraged to use or share them freely.

These unique quotes come with the attribution – by Quotationize.

Well-crafted original quotes are as obscure as the word recherché“Well-crafted original quotes are as obscure as the word recherché.” – by Quotationize

*recherché – carefully chosen, rare or exotic

Pictorial Quotations That Worth A Thousand Quotes

Here you also find pictorial quotes specially designed with relevant images complementing the original quotes.

I do not simply assembled them from  Tumblr or Pinterest.

Cartoon Quotes

You can also have a fun time with the many cartoon quotes available here.

They are sourced from the two books (Dare To Fail Inspirational Comic Series 1 & 2) published by Hardknocks Factory Sdn Bhd.

You most welcome to share my text quotes, pictorial quotations and cartoon quotes on your blog posts, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr or anywhere that’s worth sharing.

What Is The Meaning of Of This Quote…?

There are many queries asking about the meanings or definitions of  certain quotes in various question-and-answer websites.

This is the only quotation site which provides the meanings or definitions  of quotes.

You can find them under the tag: meaning.