What Is Quotationize

Quotationize is an authoritative site of verified authentic quotations linking to valid sources.

It is not just another site of quotations with sourced citations.

I don’t just cite the sources.

All the citations are linked to the original sources.

If I could not find the direct genuine sources from the internet, then only I’ll link them to some other trustworthy options.

By clicking on the link or links below each quotation, you can actually see or hear the quote straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

In short, all the quotations here are definitely AUTHENTIC and CORRECT.

I search the quote sources from all those great literary classics, past newspapers, books, magazines, journals, essays, letters, websites and YouTube video clips; together with the help from Google Books search, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and Google News Archive Search.

Note: I do not follow any of the so-called proper citation style: APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago/Turabian.

My prime concern is, the citations of the quotes published here must be of genuine or credible sources.

Anyway, the aim of the quote citations here is to back-link to their original sources.

I also include quotes in their original languages, together with the English translation.

Again, all the quotes in the foreign languages are linked to the proper sources.

Verified Authentic Quotations With Valid Sources

 verified authentic quotationsQuotation With A Message

Quotationize only publishes quotations with valuable messages.

They could be witty or sagacious.

Here, you do not find any random trifling utterance, frivolous remark or silly passing comment made by some currently popular personalities or celebrities.

Why Quotationize

The main purpose of Quotationize is to curate and share verified authentic quotes with the correct attributions and credible citations.

There are countless quotation websites, that we cannot count on them for reliability and authenticity.

They are full of misquotes, wrongly-attributed quotes and fake ones too.

Most of them do not even cite the sources of the quotes.

Even if they do mentioned the sources, they never bother to verify their origin or authenticity.

They just want to boast of having the most number of quotations (or rather misquotations).

To the extent of, even publishing the same quote twice on the same page, and with two different attributions!

Authentic Quotations With Wisdom

I find many quotes, sayings, quips, maxims, proverbs, precepts, aphorisms, epigrams, catch phrases are filled with nuggets of wisdom.

I only feature selected quotations which offer you inspiration, consolation, encouragement or show you a clear-eyed perspective of life.

Those selected quotations must satisfied these criteria:

* Profound

* Meaningful

* Eloquent

* Useful

User-Friendly Quotations

All quotations here are carefully and stringently picked, to ensure that they are user-friendly.

So that they can enlighten and empower you to improve your life; or you can use them to add pizzazz in your daily conversations, presentations or in your written work.

Misquotes, Wrong-Attributions And Fake Quotes

It is sad to note, that there are tons of quotes that are misquoted, misattributed and even bogus or fake quotes published in books, magazines, newspapers and the many established quotation websites.

Every attempt is make to ensure all quotations together with citations published here are genuine and correct.

Note: I’m still in the midst of correcting and cleaning up all those misquotes, wrong attributions, fake quotations and contextomies (misquoting someone by shortening the quotation or by leaving out surrounding words or sentences that would place the quotation in context)

English Quotations With Explanation

There are many people searching for popular quotes with explanation.

This is the only quotation compendium which provides meaningful thoughts with explanation.

You can find them under the tag: meaning.

Note: All the back-links to the sources of the quotes are correct and in good working order at the time of publication.

Quotationize is authentic quotations with valid citations